through the breeze




into pieces


eyes are dry




in the night



distant lights




in the dark

morning birds


on the wind


pulled by


the waves breathing


I swim in


the rushing colors


of dreams

my body crashes


against the rocks






I sail waters


in a maze of light



floating boats


breath in and out



foaming reach


along the pier



distant lights


hanging from


the shore



crossing waters


falling into night

a satellite


drifting above


the human tide



inbound vessels


watch the caves


come alive.



follow lights


up and down


the street



escaping years


buried in concrete

I sail waters


in a maze of light



lost in my beard


in the tangled sound


of waves



falling colors


echo across the night




Summer Drive



tracing aimless rivers


into fogged car windows


late night drive with the


 headlights out


in trails


of fallen moonlight


just feeling it out.


reaching out


with the windows down

passing  fireflies


outrun the night


like Chinese stars



outrun the night


before the autumn starts


and it starts again




my eyes


drift around


the open sea





in trails


falling off


in the ghost


white breeze


out there


floating colors chased


out from the shore

in a breath


drifting out


push and


pulling the


oceans apart


in the warm


mix of waves


pushing you away


and drawing me in

Sunset on the Empire




Above the clouds


floating on air


still a long ways away.


I feel free up here.


far from the docks


and the trouble I know


circles around in my head


places I have been

lost in the clouds


in rich marmalade



see everything


I have ever seen



in a warm rush


I fall

Arctic Orion




slow moves


out here


catch up with me




in my shirt


I feel


I'm a marked man





fill my chest


with smoke


in rushed short breath

this strange moon


moves through my head



visions of home


move through the sand




swing my restless arms


spooked by


low hanging stars


as silence rattles the shore


I step into the dark


Ride the Bike




lose yourself

wind in your face

falling back to earth


let it roll

in constant motion

weaving in and out

of here


copper sun

washes over

rust-belt towns

and empty

rail yards


jumping over

popper wheelies

rabbit holes and

trap doors



nothing new

streets fall one by one

each year

ramps made from empty swimming pools

astronauts falling

from the stars

wildflowers pushing

through the streets

as you lose yourself

in the fall

fall back to earth

cross town at

the speed of light

enough daylight

to make it home

sunlight fades

beneath the street

as darkness rolls

into town